Monday, April 20, 2015


So far I have created several animals to this date as I had planned to and a few bonus small projects as well. as most of it consisted of what was kind of like prep, I am moving on and making on of, if not the, final product. Which is known as a kusudama. The reason this is important is because it is a geometric based figure that takes repitition and large amounts of carefulness. I have a picture listed below. If there is more time to make more I will make what is known as a hex-based folded animal. If you look it up youll see all of the animals that look very professional and well folded.

To further progress today I had made a panel of the figure you see below. There are six panels in total and I have to joint them together. Also, to add more effect, I concave the edges so there are no openings and it looks more like a star. This is one of the only oragami that require tape. Not glue. Tape is barely exceptional. If any glue is introduced then it becomes paper mache. After I finish I will have people put names in a hat and pick. The person I picked will keep or give away the kusudama. The only challenges so far are materials that I am running low on.

For every person that comments I will put you name in a hat that I pick from to give away oragami. Comment by June 9th.

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  1. Nice job with this post and addressing the topics that were posed in the prompt.